Women in Games gets Quality Assured as Testronic joins the Corporate Ambassador Programme

Women in Games is delighted to welcome Testronic as its latest Corporate Ambassador. A global leader in QA and Localisation services, Testronic boasts offices in Warsaw, the UK, the US, Serbia and Romania, and a staff count of over 1,000 testers and localisation professionals. It is part of the Catalis Group, which includes Curve Games, also recently signed up as a Women in Games Corporate Ambassador.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said: “We are delighted that Testronic is joining us as a Corporate Ambassador. They have recently demonstrated their commitment to highlighting talented women in the sector through sponsorship of the Women in Games Global Award 2021, and some of the leadership team are actively engaged in our Individual Ambassadors Programme. We look forward to working together and building our relationship.”

One of Testronic’s individual Ambassadors, and its VP of Business Development Ann Hurley, added: “Diversity and inclusion are incredibly important to Testronic. We have our own in-house 50% Initiative which provides mentoring and support to women across the organisation, and helps them to progress their career path within Testronic.

“My colleague and Head of Testronic Localisation QA, Gaelle Caballero, has also recently joined as individual Ambassador.  We have the utmost respect for the work that Women in Games does. Becoming a Corporate Ambassador is a very important step for Testronic and we look forward to becoming more involved with the organisation as a whole.”

To find out how to become a Corporate Ambassador, email hello@womeningames.org