Women in Games Global Conference – Interconnectivity

This Year’s Women in Games Global Conference

This year, the Women in Games’ Global Conference, to be held over two days on September 15th and 16th, lies at the very heart of a Galaxy of entertaining and enlightening content – the Women in Games Festival. 

The year since our last conference has been a turbulent, troubled one, and this year’s conference will examine urgent, topical, interconnected issues affecting women across the world. The content will align with our four verticals of action – Community, Industry, Education and Policy – and will demonstrate how deeply linked each area is with the next. Speakers will discuss innovative perspectives on how to bring more equality and fairness to communities of play, of learning and of work.

Day one will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, conversations and real world accounts of the inspiring work of women in both playful and business modes. On day two, we will host learning labs, picking up the threads from the first day, adding to and expanding on them. 

The conference will take advantage of the vast networking potential of the digital platform Hopin, enabling professional exchanges and friendships to be formed with fascinating women in games all over the world. With this global audience in mind, it will present discussions about crucially important issues such as how to effectively call out toxicity and harassment. Whether it is online, or in real world environments, speakers will be making creative and constructive judgements about how to challenge discrimination. 

Women’s safety, health and ability to develop professionally is being negatively affected by these issues, and against the backdrop of Covid, wellbeing has become an urgent preoccupation. The pandemic has not just brought practical changes to the way we work, it has also brought a new and intense interest in what makes a healthy environment. Being open about women’s health will enable discussions of even the most taboo subjects often classed, and dismissed as ‘female problems’. 

We will feature a new panel in which men who have made gender balance their mission are able to share their perspectives. Advocates are an integral part of making radical change a reality, and the Women in Games Conference will give a platform to distinguished voices speaking out in support of balanced, fair work and play spaces. 

From organisations working to encourage girls to embrace tech and games as a viable profession, to moving on up in the world of eSports, this conference promises to be both unflinching and entertaining. In the spirit of Women in Games, it will offer a welcoming and safe environment in which to openly address contemporary issues that affect us all, whatever our interconnected community. 

Get your tickets here: https://hopin.com/events/women-in-games-global-conference-2021