Women in Games was delighted to take part in the recent Checkpoint event in Rome, where CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman and Co-Director and Director of Ambassadors Gemma Johnson-Brown provided the conference keynote session.

Checkpoint was hosted by the Vigamus Group (just announced as a Women in Games Education Ambassador – see story elsewhere), which previously organised the Game Rome event.

The focus of the event is to bring together the Italian games industry, with a specific focus on networking and the interconnections between games and culture. During the two days, delegates were able to attend industry talks and panels and enjoy networking at the Vigamus Group headquarters, the VIGAMUS Video Game Museum of Rome and Vigamus Academy.

Marie-Claire and Gemma presented an overview of Women in Games, including the organisations missions, goals and plans. Other speakers included Benjamin Rostalski, Director of the Award Office of Gamescom (pictured with Marie-Claire and Gemma outside the Coliseum), and Hans Hippish, Principal Producer of Holoride, the creator of the world’s first motion-synched in-car VR experience.

Marie-Claire said: “It was an honour to speak at the Checkpoint event with Gemma, and to listen to so many interesting views of gaming and culture. With Vigamus Group now a Women in Games Education Ambassador, we are very much looking forward to taking our partnership forward in 2024, with many exciting initiatives to be announced.”