Women in Games Supports Research into ‘Pathways to Games Work: Diversity’s Relationship to Education, Training and Development’

Your invitation to participate!

Women in Games’ mission to bring about equality in the games and eSports sectors is supported by our 4 verticals of action: Policy, Education, Industry and Community. 

These areas of principle overlap and interweave, and Women in Games is keen to support research into every area, including education, that will lead to impacts on policy in the future. By knowing, understanding and providing evidence about the state of the playing field we can make it fair.

In line with these ideals, Women in Games is very pleased to support timely and significant research by Professor Alison Harvey, Assistant Professor in Communications at Glendon College, York University, Canada.

Professor Harvey would like to invite you to participate in a study on the educational and training experiences of people working in the games industry called “Pathways to Games Work: Diversity’s Relationship to Education, Training, and Development”. 

Alison is seeking to interview people working in the games industry (or who previously worked in the industry) about their current and past employment, their educational trajectory, their skills and expectations of games work, and their perspectives on issues in games work including the organization of working processes, diversity and inclusion, and the future of the industry.

Your participation would involve a completely confidential in-person interview lasting from 30-60 minutes conducted remotely on Zoom at your convenience. All data you provide will be kept secure and will be reported anonymously.

As compensation for your time, you will be offered a Visa or Amazon gift card of $50 CAD (or equivalent in your local currency).

This research follows on a previous study of the experiences of students and teachers in games higher education and seeks to understand the relationship between training and work from the perspective of those already in the industry (or who have left it). Getting a sense of the lived experiences of people in the games industry is vital to inform policy-making related to the importance of formal education for games work and supporting those seeking to work in games in the future.

If you would be interested in participating in this study or have any questions about this research, please email Alison at alison.harvey@glendon.yorku.ca