Syracuse University is undertaking significant research aimed at investigating gaming trends and habits, as well as the culture of inclusion in collaborative gaming environments for participants and gender diverse individuals.

The study seeks to better understand how individuals engage in collaborative gaming spaces, their tendencies and behaviours, as well as how inclusive they feel the space is for themselves and others. There is a specific focus on gender minoritised individuals in the space, as well as gauging imposter syndrome for everyone. The survey is open to all levels and types of folks in gaming from infrequent and/or casual to the professional levels.

You can take the survey here:

Lindsey Darvin, Assistant Professor at the Department of Sport Management, Falk College, Syracuse University, said: “Inclusive and welcoming gaming environments are still largely reserved for men and boys, and at the highest levels of gaming, gender diversity is severely lacking. Through this project, the goal is to develop a more complete picture of the state of collaborative gaming spaces, as well as gaming habits and trends for all participants regardless of playing ability or current player status (infrequent, causal, and/or professional player).

“Insights gained from this study will be based on each participant’s individual experiences so that we may continue to develop meaningful solutions in the years to come and assist in driving increased rates of equity across the highest levels of the industry.”