Women in Games Global Awards 2021: FAQ & Award Criteria


Can I nominate myself?

Absolutely. In fact we thoroughly recommend you put yourself forward for as many relevant awards as possible, be your own champion! Our previous ‘Hall of Fame’ winners put it perfectly in a 2 minute clip at our recent webinar series, watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfJvPmqq84U.

What has changed to the Women in Games Awards compared to last year?

Women in Games has announced an expansion of its awards in 2021. With a 10 year history of awards, Women in Games would like to welcome all the women who are working and participating in competitive gaming and esports, with a full suite of awards designed to celebrate all those contributing to the development of an open and transformative esports sector.

There are no other changes to the awards. The same awards on offer to women working in video games or game development in 2020 are available in 2021.

If I was unsuccessfully shortlisted at previous Women in Games Awards, can I nominate again this year?

Yes, we welcome nominations from previous entrants or nominees. 

Can we nominate non-binary and gender diverse folks, or is it only strictly women?

Yes you certainly can, Women in Games is committed to celebrating all under-represented identities in the industry and would welcome applications from and nominations for non binary and gender diverse candidates.

Who can be nominated for the Women in Games Community Awards?

Specifically for the Community Awards we are looking for nominations of existing people who work with Women in Games, this can be through individual or corporate ambassadorship. These awards are not eligible for those not already working with Women in Games.

What do I need to include in my nomination?

We ask for:

  •  A short paragraph (500 words max) on why you or the person or group you are nominating should be considered for this award?
  • (optional) any relevant attachments, links or videos that help support your nomination
  • Confirmation that your nomination works or participates in the games or esports industry and is willing to take part in the awards process.

It’s as simple as that!

How many times can I nominate?

You can nominate up to 10 times across all categories.

How do you shortlist the finalists?

Those successfully nominated will be judged and shortlisted by a selected panel of judges from the Women in Games Advisory Board and industry.

What time does the nomination period close?

 Midnight BST on Sunday 11th July.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Email us at awards@womeningames.org for more information.



Additional Information on the Award Categories

The full entry criteria can be found on the awards website here: https://the.wigglobalawards.com/

The information below is to assist you in the nomination process.

Video Games Awards

The Video Game Awards encapsulate content and initiatives created, which champion diversity and positive change.

The Female Gaming Protagonist award honours and recognises the most inspiring video games character, with credit given to the developer and publisher. What character from 2020/21 do you think breaks new ground to eliminate stereotypes in video games?

Favourite Game Developed by a Woman or Female team award covers projects which are woman-led or have a majority female team. This award aims to highlight those working behind the games we love released in 2020/21. You can nominate published games of any size from single-person teams through to large scale studios.

For the Video Games Advocacy Award, we are seeking nominations for organisations and groups which have been advocating for change on behalf of diversity. This will be awarded to an organisation, not an individual so please highlight the group in your nominations (though special mentions of team members can form part of your entry).

Tell us what is happening in your studio or company! Let’s give some recognition to individuals and teams making a difference in studios or companies with the Video Games Gender Diversity Initiative of the Year. The award seeks to highlight and recognise the many initiatives that exist at corporate level to boost diversity and inclusion for women working in the games industry.  These can be both Corporate Social Responsibility backed initiatives and internal Diversity and Inclusion Programs.

Women in Games Community Awards

The WIG Community Awards enables us to celebrate those people who are committed to working with Women in Games as ambassadors and streamers on the WIG Twitch channel. The full lists of those who are eligible can be found on the awards website, or via the following links: 

Individual Ambassadorshttps://www.womeningames.org/ambassadors/individuals/

Corporate Ambassadors

Women in Games Education Awards

The Education Awards recognise the innovative initiatives and progressive work taking place within the educational sector. The University or College Games or Esports Diversity Initiative award is for degree programmes or institutions in any country that champion diversity and inclusion.

The University or College Student Achievement or Portfolio Awards recognises female identifying, non binary and gender fluid final year university or college students or recent graduates from 2021, studying or just completing a video games or esports related degree in any country. We recommend using the attachment option in the nomination to include relevant links to websites, portfolios or supporting evidence. Work submitted can be from any area of game design and development or esports candidates must be over 18 to be eligible.

Women in Games Lifetime Achievement Awards

Our Hall of Fame Award for Lifetime Achievement celebrates the lifetime achievements of leading women in the video games, gaming and esports sectors. You can see some of the previous 22 Hall of Fame award winners at https://www.womeningames.org/what-we-do/awards/

Gaming and Esports Awards – Industry 

These awards celebrate all who are working to support, promote and develop an inclusive esports sector.

For the Most Influential Esports Campaigner or Entrepreneur award, we are looking for esports professionals who have contributed to the development of esports but are not a player, host, caster or streamer.  Please nominate your inspiring heroes for consideration in this wide category.

The Most Influential Esports Twitch Streamer, Most Influential Esports Host and the Most Influential Esports Shoutcaster or Analyst awards are for those who have gone the extra mile to represent and promote the tournament, game, its players and the wider esports sector in order to build and nurture an inclusive audience. These awards are given to celebrate the candidate’s talent and ability to inspire other women.

The Most Influential Esports Writer or Journalist award seeks to recognise women esports writers and journalists for their talent in reporting on news and events and in creating content that informs and inspires their audience.  

The Most Influential Gaming Community Group or Network award wishes to recognise the most respected gaming group and networks created by women to bring gamers together in a safe and inclusive environment. The award will take into consideration the circumstances and motivations of the founders and the ability of the group or network to engage and develop the grassroots of the gaming community. This award is for the community itself as a group/organisation. The Community Manager award is for individuals who are putting in the work to make these communities flourish.

Most Influential Gaming Community Manager

Women in Games aims to recognise inspirational individuals who are managing a group of gamers in a safe and inclusive environment. Often started informally as groups of friends, on platforms like Facebook and Discord, these individuals continue to lead the needs of their community to maintain a welcoming and inclusive online space.

Through the Most Valuable Esports Player award, Women in Games wishes to recognise and celebrate the talent and dedication of the most successful and respected women players in the professional esports ecosystem. Showcasing the most talented women players at the pinnacle of gaming provides our community and the sector with role models and highlights the competitive games being played.

Gaming and Esports Awards – Innovation

Favourite All-Women or Co-Ed Esports League or Tournament
This award is open to all gaming or esports leagues and tournaments anywhere in the world that are actively encouraging the participation of women and non binary folks. Women in Games seeks to recognise and publicise the leagues and tournaments that have been created as stepping stones to the professional, open esports scene. These leagues and tournaments inspire women, young girls and other underrepresented groups into organised gaming. They represent a choice for those who can be discouraged by the existing male dominated tournament infrastructure. They are imperative in encouraging more women and other under-represented gender identities into competitive gaming and esports.

Most Inclusive Esports Initiative – Project or Structure

Women in Games wishes to recognise and publicise the initiatives (not specific individuals) that foster inclusivity in competitive gaming. These could be professional or non-profit organisations or communities themselves or specific initiatives created by professional or non-profit organisations or communities or an individual that has captured the imagination and created significant and long-lasting change within the organisation or community or the wider esports sector.

For any questions, please contact awards@womeningames.org