Meet our newest Ambassadors

The Women in Games ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords’  welcomes a flurry of new Ambassadors. Thanks to Keywords we are now able to enhance impacts and accelerate change by supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials, and services for Women in Games Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are absolutely vital to the work we do in achieving gender equality – everyone is welcome to join as an ambassador, as long as you are aligned with our mission to establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries. And that you will work to champion and support people to understand the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter what stage of their career or life journey.

If you would like to apply you can do so here: https://www.womeningames.org/ambassadors/how_to_apply



Aaliyah Antoub, she/her, Law Student, London, UK

Abigail Chmil, She/Her, VFX Artist, Epic Games, Raleigh, NC, USA, @gurl_withcurls

Aïda Figuerola, She, Engagement Manager, King, Spain

Alaura Liappis Alaura, She/Her, Game Art and Design Instructor,Game-U, Sarasota, FL USA, @Skyden64

Aleksandra Radivilovic, She/Her, Associate Artist, Studio Gobo, a Keywords Studio, Woking, UK

Alexandra Batty, she/her, Community Manager,Headup, Munich, Germany

Alisa Ogura-Traxler, She/Her, UX/UI Designer & Illustrator, Red Bean Art (Personal business), Los Angeles county, CA, USA

Amal Alotaibi, She/her, Game Developer, Freelance Riyadh, Saudi Arabia , @Amal3taibi

Amanda Curtis, she/her, PhD researcher, Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford, UK, @digitalmatcha

Amanda Gloria, She/Her/They/Them, Indie Game Producer, Team Dagger, San Antonio, TX, USA

Amber Cygan, She/Her, Producer, Dambuster, Nottingham, UK

Ana Baptista, She/Her/Hers, Senior UI/UX Designer, Evolution, Lisbon, Portugal

Anna Scheck, she/her, Project Manager, INDIE Hub UG, Düsseldorf, Germany

Anne He, She/Her, Game Producer, Riot Games, Inc., Los Angeles, California, USA

Antonia Anto, She/Her, Product Marketing Manager, Ubisoft, Montreal, Canada

Ariana Rodriguez, She/Her/Hers, Receptionist, Honors College at Florida International University, Miami, U.S.A

Barira Riaz, She, Game Development Team Lead, Arcane Entertainment, Lahore, Pkaistan

Boo Andrea, XY, She/Her, Director, Founder, Way Studio, London, UK

Borhina Bianca, She/Her, Instructional Designer, Continental AG, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Bryttnie Soares, She/Her, PR Account Manager, Theogames, São Paulo, Brazil, @binkysoar

Burçin Cafer, She/Her, Board Member & CEO, Rune Games, Izmir, Turkiye

Burcin Genis-Ergun, She/Her/Mrs., Academic, BAhcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkiye, @burcingenis

Carys Gooi, she/her, 3D Artist,Common Extract, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, @carysgooi

Cassie White, she/her, Composer, Pitstop Productions, Leeds, UK, @Casskingdra

Cathrine Finnebraaten, She/her, Founder Better E-sport, Better AS (Better E-sport), Drammen/Norway, @Cathrine0025

Catriona Spiers Bennett, She/Her, Finance Director, The Multiplayer Group, London, UK

Ceren Derya, She/Her, Riot Campus Ambassador, N/A, Istanbul, Turkey, @heyoitsceren

Charity Joy, She/Her, Studio GM, Criterion, Electronic Arts, Guildford, UK

Charlotte Cameron, She/ Her, Specialist Gaming Consultant, TEC Partners, Norwich, UK

Chawanwit Waewwanjit, He/Him, Technical Artist / Students, PIGSSS GAMES / Teesside University, Middlesbrough

Chiara Orsi, She/Her, 3D game artist, VR artist, digital artist & designer. Game art 3D generalist, VR art & design, animation & motion design, VFX, UI/UX, digital illustration., collaborating with Mad Pumpkins game studio, Trento, Italy, @Chiaronzi1?s=35

Chrissie Peters, She, her, Technical Tutor – Digital Media, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, Kent, UK

Christin Kalina, She/Her, Developer Experience Engineer, Ringtail Interactive, Stockholm, Sweden

Chynna Gibney, She/Her, HR & Data Assistant, Sumo Group, Leeds

Claire Squire, She/her, Senior Narrative Designer, Expression Games, Devon, UK

Claire Evans, She/her, Teacher, Newham College of Further Education, London, UK

Claire Nelson, She/Her, Head of HR, StoryToys, Dublin, Ireland,

Claire Ramshaw, Her/she, Recruitment Manager, One Player Mission, Colchester

Clarice Falcao, she/her, Senior Manager CX & Service Design,The LEGO Group, London, UK,

Claudia Alejandra Castaño, she, Electronic Engineer, Teriun Games, Bogotá, Colombia

Daniela Venturo Esaine, She/Her, Programming Intern, Behaviour Interactive, Toronto, Canada

Dawn Pinkney, she/her, Life Coach and Podcast Host, Marjorie Dawn Coaching, Napa, CA, USA

Deanna Lopes, She/her, Owner & Director of Paradigm Escape Rooms, Paradigm Escape Rooms, Newport, Rhode Island

Denise Bieber, She/Her, Creator Manager, Indie Hub, North Rhine-Westphalia/Hürth, Germany

Derby Munns, she/her, Community Manager, Soul Assembly, Leamington Spa, @heyderbyy

Diana Petru, she, Community Manager, Wargaming, Prague, Czech Republic

Ebony Hayhurst, they/she, Esports & Gaming Data Analyst and Partnerships Manager, ClutchGG, Greater Manchester, UK

Elda Pirozzi, She/Her, Finance Assistant, StoryToys, Dublin, Ireland

Ellie Gibbs, She / Her, Marketing Manager, Junkfish Ltd, South Wales

Emily Templeman, She/her, Art Recruitment Resourcer, SKillsearch, Brighton, UK

Emine Işıkelekoğlu, She / Her , Assistant Game Director, gamegine, Bağlıca/Ankara/Turkey

Estelle Bailly, she/her, Localization Director, Hi-Rez Studios, Brighton, UK

Ettienne Viking, She/Her, Masters Student, University of Hertfordshire, Southampton

Eugenia Casciano, She/ Her, Copywriter, Rome, Italy

Ewa Reis, She/Her, Account Manager, Miami, USA

Faye Bratt, She/Her, 3D Environment Artist, Freelance (looking for work), Oakland, CA, USA, @fayefase

Giovane Almeida, His/Him, Commercial Community Moderator, Keywords Studios Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, @almeidago

Hannah Reslan Bhardwaj , She/her, Lecturer for Game Art and Design, Norwich University of the Arts, Norwich, UK, @ReslanHannah

Hannah George, She/Her, Business development, MLC (magna Ludum creatives), Surrey, UK

Hannah McAdam, She/ Her, Talent Acquisition Team Manager, Kwalee, Leamington Spa, UK

Hannah Moody, She/Her, Head of Marketing, 1minus1, Norfolk/Norwich, UK

Hannah Vardey, She/Her, Graduate Game Designer, Frontier Developments, Cambridge, UK

Heather Walters, She/her, Marketing Lead, Fun Waffle Game Studio, North Carolina, USA

Hina Sabir, She, I, Games Quality Assurance Engineer, vieapps studio, Pakistan, @HiNaH0ny

ILONA POPCZYK , She/Her, EVP of Human Resources | Data Protection Officer, Green Man Gaming, Hertfordshire, UK

Ishell Neville, She/Her, Technical Recruiter,Here’s Waldo Recruiting, St. Johnsbury, VT

Jaime Winkel, She/Her, Diversity Solutions Manager, TEKsystems, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Jamie Dowis, she/her, Head of Product, EasyDX, Denver, CO, USA, @JamieDowis

Jamila Bowden, She/ Her, Director of Retail Operations, Dovetail Games, UK

Janina Selin, She/her, Content creator, Twitch, Turku, finland, @Jay9Twitt

Jessica Green, She/Her, Associate Marketing Manager, FuturLab, Southampton, UK, @JessAshG

Jessica Schwarz, She/Her, Marketing Product Manager, Daybreak Games, Los Angeles, USA

Jia Ling Hoo, She/Her, Program Manager, Global Expansion Team, Xbox, Singapore, @x_junkfood_x

Julie Mavrogeorge , She/Her, CTE Coordinator – Esports, Drones, STEAM,Fresno Unified School District, Fresno, CA, USA, @jdogmav

Kaelah Smallwood, She/Her, Assistant Producer, Maxis Studios – Electronic Arts, Texas, USA

Kang Boon Ong, he/him, Founder & President, Jaysonite Studios, Singapore, Singapore, @duckiesjayson

Kareena Rogers, She/Her, Chief of Staff, Hopscotch Games, Mumbai, India

Karissa Jones, She/Her, Account Executive, New York, USA

Karoline Forsberg/Blume, She/Her, Senior World System Designer/ Tech Designer, TTK Games, Stockholm, Sweden

Kasia Moczarska, She/Her, Regional Internal Communications Manager – Europe, Keywords Studios, Katowice, Poland

Kat Craig , she/her, Senior UI/UX Designer, Thieves Studio , Wisconsin, USA, @katcraig

Kat Kingsley, She/Her, Principal Writer, Digital Extremes, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Katarzyna Dąbkowska, She/her, PR Manager, CENEGA, Warsaw, Poland, @kejti87

Katarzyna Zawadzka, she/her, Head of HR // Coach ,MACRO SYSTEM (not game related) // Own Practice , Poland, Warsaw

Katelyn Schoedl, she/her, Electrical Engineer, Big Tech /// Currently Unemployed, Seattle WA

Kattatonia A., She/Her, Content Creator, Twitch, Gulf Coast, Mississippi, @kattatoniattv

Kellsy Ann Meneses, she/her, UX/UI Designer & Digtial Marketer, TEDxUofT + Self-Employed, Canada

Kran Kullar, She/Her, VP of People & Culture, Drest Limited, London

Krystle Cruz, she/her, Student Services Coordinator, Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Seattle, USA

Laura Alencar, She/Her, Event director, DeArte Produções, João Pessoa, Brazil, @TaNaDisneyLau

Laura Hohman, she/her, Creative Manager, Wizards of the Coast, Seattle, USA

Lauren Stevens, she/her, Producer / Project Manager, Halifax, Canada

Leo Latorre, he/him, Senior Technical Recruiter, Demonware (Activision Blizzard), Dublin, Ireland

Leona Jasa, She/her, Senior Marketing Manager, Mobile Game Doctor, Proventis Partner d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia

Linnea Sebastian Ejersbo Rützou, They/them, Programmer & Project Lead, Triple Topping Games, Jylland, Denmark, @LinneaSeb

Liv Peelen, She/her, Junior Narrative Designer, NExT Studios, Portland, ME, USA, @LivPeelen

Lizaveta Bukachova, She, Senior Recruiter, Sperasoft, Poland, Warsaw

Lucie Rigby, She / Her, Project Manager, 20ten, London, UK

Maddie Munro, She/Her, Talent Sourcer – Specialising in Art, Animation & Design, Aardvark Swift, Sheffield, @MaddieMunro2023

Makenna Mitchell, she/her, Product Manager, Visa, San Francisco, USA

Manali Kanungo, Ms, Co-Founder, MindYourLogic Studios, Nagpur, India

Manasvi Dalvi, She/Her, Brand Ambassador, IndiGG, Bangalore, Mumbai India, @manasvivi

María Fernanda Rodríguez Lemus, she/they, Asset Coordinator, Keywords Studios, Mexico

Maria Louie, She/her, Brand & Marketing Director, TBD, Vancouver, BC

Mariam Dholkawala, She/Her, Game and XR Developer, Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai, India, @mariamdh

Marina Jónsdóttir, She/her, Trained CTI Leadership Coach, Unlock Potential Coaching, Stockholm

Marina Correa, she/her, Product Manager, Kabam, Metro Vancouver, BC

Marini Dato Mohd Khalid, Ms, Travel Manager, Xsolla KL Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Marisa Clements, She/Her, Recruiting Manager, GAME ON! Recruiting, Raleigh, NC, USA

Mark Bradbury, He/Him, Recruiter,thatgamecompany, West Chester, PA, USA

Mary Gevorgyan, she, Operations Specialist,Wargaming, Prague, Czech Republic

Masha Begovic, she/her, Senior Recruiter, Abstraction Games, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Melissa Soucie , She/her, Senior Strategy Associate, Sony Interactive Entertainment , Seattle, WA, USA, @Puffins_of_Doom

Michelle Naso, she/her, OWNER, Geeks Headquarters, Chesterfield, UK, @PurplePixelsTV

Michelle Perez Barruos, She, SVP Partnerships & Business Development, Player 2 (www.player2.gg), Madrid, Spain

Mira Wardhaningsih, She/Her, Narrative Designer & Game Writer, Agate International, Bandung, Indonesia, @mirlcholstein

Mishaal Sikander, She/Her, Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Finz Games, Lahore, Pakistan

Nathalia Figueredo Macedo, She, game design student, EBAC – British School of Creative Arts and Technology – Brazil, Dublin, IE

Nera Sol Ormello, she/her they/them, Art Director, PLAION, Germany

Nguyet-Anh Tran, She/Her/Hers, Recruiter / HR, Sparx* – a Virtuos Studio, Vietnam

Olivia Arnell, She/Her, Art Producer, Sponge Hammer Ltd, Worcester, UK, @nyxiria

Olivia Brosnan, She/her, Technology Learning Advisor, Ogier, Dublin, Ireland, @o_livea

Özlem Balık, She/her, Psychology Student, Ege University, İzmir, Turkey

Patricia Soto, She/Her, Producer, Gamesim, Chicago, IL, USA

Pauline Grimault, She/Her, Producer, Virtuos, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Payton Orr, she/her, Lead Game Designer, Game House, Barcelona, Spain, @paytonwip

Pebbles Klein, She/her, Community Manager, Digital Scorpion Interactive, Texas, USA

Polina Haryacha, She/her, Founder and CEO, Cloutboost, Dallas, USA

Regan Wilson, She/Her, Games Art Lecturer, St Helens College, Liverpool, UK

Sacha Bignon, She/Her/They/Them, Localisation QA Test Lead,Keywords Studios, Poland, @twitter.com/amysfer

Samantha Clarke, She/her, Assistant Professor of Design Futures, Coventry University, Wolverhampton, UK , @Credit_Continue

Samuel Old, He/Him, Recruitment Consultant, Be Different, London, UK, @OldsGaming_

Sana Kausar, She/her, Games Art graduate Student, Anglia Ruskin University, Peterborough, UK, @outlawsans

Sara Carmen H., she/her, Recruiting Operations Program Manager, Very Very Spaceship, Seattle, United States

Sarah Kneller, She/Her, Co-Founder, Chief Experience Officer, August Interactive, Seattle, Washington, USA

Sasha Boersma, she/her, Co-Founder/Producer, Sticky Brain Studios, Toronto, Canada, @sashaboersma

Shalini Vinod, she/her, Student in game development, Kharadi, Pune, India

Simone Davis, She/Her, 3D Artist, Timmons Group, Richmond, USA

Simone Ines Watzinger, she/her, Head of Games Strategy, Medien.Bayern GmbH (Games/Bavaria), Munich, Germany

Simran Rohra, she/her, Narrative Designer, Holy Cow Productions, Bengaluru, India, @SimranRohraa

Sofia Jarlo, She/her, Author and Storyteller, Jarlo Productions, Sweden, @sofiajarlo

sophie roberts, she her, Producer, Playground Games, Coventry, UK

Stella Vaka, She/Her, CEO & Co-Founder, Silkroad Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark

Stephanie Cronk, She/her, Senior Marketing Director, Cynopsis, Wilmington, NC, USA

Su Mon Win, She/her, CMO, HOG Esports, Yangon, Myanmar

Sunjaya Phillips, She/Her, Student, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK, @Sunjxya

Suraj Lakhani, he/him, Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, @surajlakhani

Tamara Orlova, She\Her, Technical Artist, Netflix, Vancouver, Canada, @tomsonjo

Tammy Seno Barboza, she/her/hers, Content Manager & Product Lead, Chucklefish, London, UK., @tammynhoca

Tania Dales, They/Them, Postgraduate Researcher, Intelligent games and games intelligence (iGGi), York, UK

Tanya Motwani, She/Her, Producer, Stika The Game, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tara Coote, Miss, Director, Robotech Recruitment, Bristol, UK

Tegan Hull, She/ Her, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Operations, Anzu, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tegan Parsons, She/Her , Recruitment Executive, mustard Jobs, Bristol

Valencia Coleman, she/her, Associate Gameplay Engineer, Owlchemy Labs, Newnan, Ga, USA, @endeavors_vc

Vanita Mascarenhas, She/Her, Producer, Dot9 Games Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India

Véronique Leclerc, She/Her, Business Development Analyst, Frima Studio, Québec, Canada

Ximena Valeria Cabañas Sánchez, She/Her, Game Designer, BitAllForce, Toluca de Lerdo, México, @ThatMxGirl_

Yasmin Panahi, she/her, HR Administrator, i3D.net, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Yolanda Huang, Ms, Director, Client Growth, Nativex, Freiburg, Germany

Yvette Karanja , She/Her, Student / Cybersecurity Analyst , Park University/ BCD Travel, USA, @yvette_tk?s=21

Zeynep Burcu Kaya Alpan, She, her, Game Designer, Researcher, Istinye University, Istanbul, Turkey, @juno.kaa

Þorbjörg Sæmundsdóttir, She/Her, Director of Finance, CCP Games, Reykjavík, Iceland, @ThorbjorgSaem

Photo by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash