Meet our newest Ambassadors

The Women in Games ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords  welcomes a flurry of new Ambassadors. Thanks to Keywords we are now able to enhance impacts and accelerate change by supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials, and services for Women in Games Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are absolutely vital to the work we do in achieving gender equality – everyone is welcome to join as an ambassador, as long as you are aligned with our mission to establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries. And that you will work to champion and support people to understand the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter what stage of their career or life journey.

If you would like to apply you can do so here: https://www.womeningames.org/ambassadors/how_to_apply



Abby LeMaster, she/her, Gameplay Producer, Riot Games, San Diego

Achira Bhattacharyya, She/Her, Product Manager, Hiverlab, Kolkata, India

Aislyn Lewis, she/they, Director of Finance, Restorative Management, Orange County, New York, USA, @aislynannette

Alexandra Kondratenko, She/her, Student/pre-sales manager, Mediacube, Minsk, Belarus

Alexandra Sheather, She/Her, Lighting Artist, Two Bulls, Sydney, Australia, @euphoriallyy

Anika Negi, She/Her, Senior Producer, Technicolor Games, Bangalore, India

Anny Gomes, she/her, IP Licensing & Partnerships Manager, Play’n GO, Malta/Spain

Anuka Sulamanidze, She/Her, Co-founder/ Game Developer, Amity Game Studio, Tbilisi, Georgia, @AnukaSulamanid1

Aoife Gleeson, She/Her, Junior Game Designer, INTERIOR/NIGHT, Dublin, Ireland, @AoifeGlees

Ashley Vong, she/her, Producer, Aspect, Los Angeles

Bharathi Senthil, She/Her, Product Manager, Miniclip, Bangalore, India

Boyoung Kim, She/her, Senior Associate,Griffin Gaming Partners, Los Angeles, CA, United States, @boyoung_eth

Çağla Gurbet, Ms, Academic/Translator, Istanbul Arel University, Istanbul, Turkey, @caglagurbet

Caitlin Brown, She/Her, Studio Talent Partner,Studiotypes, Cape Town, @CayPaige_Za

Carla Sousa, she/her, Researcher and Lecturer, Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal, @carlasfaw

Cassie Impey, She/Her, Key Accounts Consultant, Skillsearch Limited, Brighton

Cassie Makrides, She/Her, Community Manager, Red Nexus Games, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, @lastxfantasy

Chantal Zuurmond, She/her, Production Director,Electric Square, Manchester

Charlotte Burrows, She/her, Lead Live QA, Creative Assembly, West Sussex, UK, @askalunacosplay

Charlotte Cook, She/Her, MD & Founder, CALM Consultancy Ltd, London

Chelsea Van Arsdol, She/Her/Hers, Creative & Art Recruiter, Riot Games, Portland, OR, @CVArsdol

Cheyanna Phelps, she/her, Senior Game Designer I, New World Interactive, Vancouver, BC, Canada, @cheyannaphelps

Chloe Patricia Hodgson, She/They, UX Designer, Ubisoft Reflections, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, @KeezuraArts

Christine Chua, She/Her, Head of Talent Acquisition,thatgamecompany, Marina del Rey, California, USA

Ciara Moran, She / Her / Hers, Senior Producer, Digit, A Scopely Studio, Dublin, Ireland

Courtney Rodgers, She/Her, Education Business Manager, ViewSonic, Chicago, US

Cristin Pierce, She/her, Director of Business Development, Arise Gaming, Raleigh, NC, USA

Debora Agostino, She, Legal and office administration,Scubalight Studios, Mendoza, Argentina

Deepali Bhanushali, She/Her/Hers, Project Manager, Playstation Studios, Hillsboro, Oregon

Diana Ludin, She/Her, Academician, Multimedia University, Selangor, Malaysia

Dilyana Valtchanova, She / Her, Game Art Designer | UI/UX Designer, Sundern, Germany, @DuckyDilya

Diya Sengupta, She/Her, Art Director, Lost Ferry Interactive, London, UK

Ecem Iscan, Head of Gaming, TEM Agency, Istanbul Turkey TR

Elena Tsarkova, She/her, Head of User Acquisition, Wooga GmBH, Berlin, Germany, @letsarkova

Elisa Cantamessa, She/Her, Associate Product Manager, Product Madness, Barcelona, Spain

Elsie Rivest, She/Her, Co-Founder and Character artist, Studio Kochina, Colorado, US

Emer Ní Chíobháin, she/her, Programmer Manager, Paradox Interactive, Stockholm, Sweden, @emernichiobhain

Fatima Demina, she/her, Project Manager,Devoted Studios, Denpasar, Indonesia

Gamze Aydemir, She/Her, Chief Financial Officer,Lugal Games, Istanbul, Turkey

Gönül Ercan, she/her, Business Development Specialist,Teknasyon, Istanbul, TR

Grace Hartwig, She/Her, Game Dev Student/Marketing Specialist,Astral Clocktower Studios, Bay City, MI, @graceyhartwig

Gracie Dimero, She/Her, Senior Talent Researcher – Games, Eleven Eleven UK, Philippines, @graciedimero

Guo Tang, She, Senior. Account Executive,TransPerfect Gaming, Madrid, Spain, @GloriaGGGGGG

Hanan Makki, She/her, Game Developer | Lecturer | Researcher,Qindeel Studio, Southampton, UK and Riyadh, Saudi, @HananMakki

Harvey Parker, He/Him, Head of Art, The Multiplayer Group, Nottingham

Holly Bartlett, she/her, Partnership Director, Kindred, London, UK

İrem Özsoy, She/Her, Research Assistant, Baskent University, Ankara, Turkey, @iremnozsoy

Isabel Vásquez, She/ her, CEO and Producer, Pink Bear Games, Mexico, @isabel_pinkbear

Jacey Brown, She/Her, GFQA Tester, PlayStation Liverpool, Liverpool

Jade Upright, She/Her, MRes Sociology student, University of Bath, Kent, UK

Jamie péri Culpon, (they/she||on/elle||ve/ver), Senior Network/Systems  Programmeuse/illustrator,Punch Elvis Games, Phoenix, AZ, USA, @jamie_culpon

Janette D’Alessio, Her/She, Senior Business Development Manager,Lab Cave, Madrid, Spain, @janedalessio

Jasmine Callaghan, She/Her, Junior Commercial Manager, Genba Digital, London, UK, @thepetitbear

Jenn Romero, She/Her, Senior Creative Strategist, Twitch, Mexico City, Mexico, @jennromc

Jerica Manuel, She/Her, Publishing Producer, Private Division, Daly City, USA

Jess Moore, she/ they, Producer & Product Consultant,Freelance, Los Angeles, USA, @virtualjess

Jess Van Der Tak, She/Her, Senior Environment Artist, Sports Interactive, Kent, UK

Jil Lulu Perrevoort, she/her, Lead Producer, Strider, Berlin, Germany

Jimena Quiroga, She/Hers, Product Manager,Buldogo Games, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Joyce Stikkelman, She/Her, Product Owner,GamePoint, The Hague, NL

Joyce Zhang, She/Her, Game Investment Manager,Game Trigger, Shanghai, PRC, @red_joules

Julia Januario, She/Her, Marketing Lead,Garena, Brazil

Julia Yeo, She/Her, Content Marketing Strategist,Virtuos, Singapore

Justine Lallemand-Auger, She/Her, Brand Marketing Manager,Lion Castle, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kainat Hanif, (she/her), QA Lead,Big Wolf Games, Karachi, Pakistan, @kainatthanif

Kathy Barnett, she/her, Talent & People Operations Partner, Captain.tv, Baltimore/MD, USA, @kathybarnett

Kim Paye, She/Her, HR Manager, Kepler Interactive Ltd, Guildford  

Leanne Lauren McMenamin, She/Her, Recruiter,Hypixel Studios, Northern Ireland  

Lily Gray, she/they, Art & Animation Consulant, Datascope Recruitment, London, UK, @nydoorincroft

Lucy Lovegrove-Scott, She/her, Marketing & Operations Director, Lovegrove Consulting Ltd, Milton Keynes, UK

Lucy Vagizova, She / Her, Head of Marketing, Eastern Europe and Central Asia,Garena, Shanghai, China, @ta_samaya_lita

Lukas Genever, He / Him, Senior Manager, Global Talent Acquisition, Cloud Imperium Games, Manchester, UK, @Lukas_Genever

Magda Mackiewicz, Mrs, Studio Manager,Pocket Burger Ltd, Coventry

Magdalena Raczkowska, She/Her, Senior Recruitment Specialist,Techland  S.A., Remote – Poland

Manisha Dhokia, She / Her, Senior Production Manager, Excel Esports, London, UK, @Manisha_Dhokia

Maria Castro, she/her, Game designer,Dreams Uncorporated, Cali, Colombia

Mariko Kushibiki, She/Her, PR & Community Manager,Self-employed, Japan / Tokyo

Meg Sunshine, She/her, Partnerships Executive,X7 Esports, Exeter and London, UK, @wingsfu

Megan Miller, She/Her, Producer,Pocket Sized Hands, Dundee, @meganmiller98

Meghann McGregor, She/Her, Producer, CCP Games, Reykjavik, Iceland

Melina Garcia Ayala, she/her, Social Media Intern, Pocket Sized Hands, Dundee, UK, @arttilmidnight

Melisa Akgül, She/Her, Social Media Assistant,Vardiya “Brand Workers”, İzmir, Turkey 

Michelle Thompson, She/her, Recruiter, Statespace, Pittsburgh, PA USA

Miki Hara, She/Her, Head of People Experience and Operations, Clockwork Labs, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mirna  Jahaziel Davis Osuna, She/her, Psychologist, Equilibrum, Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico  

Monica Fan, She/They, Game Designer,Pipeworks Studios, Pittsburgh,PA,USA, @DesignerMonica

Nabeena Mali, She/Her, Head of Product, BFB Labs, London, UK, @nabeenam

Nanna Falk, Her, Founder, LNO, Denmark/Fredericia, @NanqueGG

Narisa Zhongcanzhu Li, She / Her, Territory Marketing Manager, Green Man Gaming, Birmingham, UK

Nicole Celic, She/Her, Senior Librarian, New York Public Library, Bronx, NY

Nur Ugurlu, she/her, Finance & Strategy Lead, Vertigo Games, Istanbul, Turkiye 

Prof. Marion Plank, She/her, Professor of Game Art,IU International University, Regensburg, Germany, @five_strokes

Rachelle Swift, She/Her, Learning & Development Manager,Aardvark Swift Recruitment Ltd, Rotherham, UK, @RachelleSwift3

Ronica Singh, She/Her, Games/Developer Trainer; Software Developer,Learn WebAnim, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, @ronicasingh

Roshelle Patterson, She/Her, UX Designer,General Dynamics Information Technology, Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA

Rosie Singer, She/Her, Employee Relations Manager, EquipmentShare, Columbia, MO, @Kats__Korner

Sally Blake, She/Her, CEO, Silent Games, Newcastle upon Tyne, @Vialixia

Samantha Gerolaga, She/Her, Technical Game Design Student, ArtCenter, Los Angeles, USA, @_sxyah_

Serena Rae Moar, she/they, Community Outreach Specialist, VIVO for Healthier Generations, 

Calgary, AB, Canada, @moarnoodlez

Shannon Maclaughlan, She/Her, Associate Producer,Tencent Games, Liverpool 

Silvia De Grandis, She/her, Talent Acquisition Manager, Wooga, Berlin, Germany

Sophie Clark, She/her, Head of People, AudioMob, London & UAE

Steph Marcus, She/her, Head UX/UI designer – Brighton, Sprung Studios, Brighton, UK, @SefffyM

Svetlana Valgina, She/her, Gaming partnership manager,TikTok, London, UK

Tansu Karapinar, International Sales Specialist,Yataş Group, İstanbul, Turkiye, @TansuKarapinar

Valeriya Dyulgerova, She / Her, Generalist Game Developer,The Multiplayer Group, Sofia, Bulgaria

Xinmiao Zhang, She, Her, Associate project manager, Tencent, Shanghai, China