Meet our newest Ambassadors

The Women in Games ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords’  welcomes a flurry of new Ambassadors. Thanks to Keywords we are now able to enhance impacts and accelerate change by supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials, and services for Women in Games Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are absolutely vital to the work we do in achieving gender equality – everyone is welcome to join as an ambassador, as long as you are aligned with our mission to establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries. And that you will work to champion and support people to understand the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter what stage of their career or life journey.

If you would like to apply you can do so here: https://www.womeningames.org/ambassadors/how_to_apply



Agnieszka Rumińska, she/her, Composer & Sound Designer,Superkami, Poland/Katowice, N/A

Aiah Gawish, She/Her, Founder, Localee Translations, Milan, Italy, N / A

Aida Sozonkina, she/her / hers, Senior Business Development Manager, ECI Games, Lisbon, Portugal, @nosense_oftime

Alanna Cervenak, She/Her, Art Director, Private Division, Brooklyn, NY, USA, N/A

Alba Carballal, She/Her, Student of Translation and Interpreting, University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain, N/A

Aleksandra Rudis, She/Her, CEO, Apella Games, Nicosia, Cyprus, N/A

Alina Hackett, She/her, Social Media/Community Manager, N/A currently, Basingstoke, UK, @MetalAmalisa

Ana Claudia Rodrigues, She/Her, Consumer & Market Insights, Senior Analyst, Garena, São Paulo, Brazil, N/A

Angela Dachowski, she/her, Producer, Flippfly, Milwaukee, WI, USA, n/a

Angie Engelbert, she/her, Art & Design Learning Manager, Blizzard Entertainment, Irvine, CA, USA, N/A

Anna Pasqualetto, She/Her, N/A, N/A, Padova, Italy, N/A

Anna Caulcott-Cooper, She/Her, Gameplay Engineer, Hypixel Studios – Riot Games, Surrey, UK, @Pixiemixy

Arella Yang, she/her, Product Designer, Student at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, @arellayang

Aryo Billings, She/Her, Senior Producer, Relic Entertainment, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, NA

Ayla Serin, she/her/her, Account Manager, Adverty, Istanbul, Turkey, @aylaserin

Bea Labana, She/Her, Recruitment Consulting, Lovegrove Consulting, Milton Keynes, UK, N/A

Beatriz Scavazzini, she/her, Artistic Director, BTA Esports & Gaming Content, Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil, @abscavazzini

Begüm Gürses, She/Her, Brand Experience Manager EMEA, KRAFTON, Amsterdam, Netherlands, @begmeritz

Beili (Echo) Yin, She/Her, Job Seeker, N/A, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, @_echo_yin

Bhamini Lakshminarayan, she/her, Co-founder, Bigfatphoenix Interactive, Indianapolis, USA, @bhamini_ln

Bianca Louw, She/her, Community Manager, Yellow Lab Games, Cape Town, South Africa, @ThatsPrettyLouw

Caitlin Nortje, She/Her, Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach, Caitlin Nortje Coaching Consultancy, Kent, UK, N/A

Caitlin Ward, She/Her, Recruitment Manager, TLM Partners, Leiria, Portugal, @caitsw1

Carlo Harvey, He/Him, Associate Professor, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK, @drcarloharvey

Carly Craster, She/her, Early Career Recruiter, Epic Games, Teesside, UK, N/A

Cecily Hemery, She/Her, Executive Coach, Walayance, Oxfordshire, UK, N/A

Ceren Acikgoz, Jeren, Head of Marketing, Scriptic, London, UK, N/A

Charlotte Willis, she/her, PR Account Manager, Diva Agency, Bristol, UK, @charlottewillis

Charlotte Seddon,

Chloe Foster, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Specialist, XR Games, Leeds, UK, N/A

Corrine Lewis, She/Her, Producer II,Crystal Dynamics, Bend, OR, USA, N/A

Courtney O’Neill, She, COO, Hashbane Interactive , NZ/Auckland (studio relocating to Melbourne), @Nbams2

Crystal Coleman, she/her, Chief Operating Officer,GameDevHQ, Edmonton, Alberta Canada, na

Dana Mart, She/ Her, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Unity Technologies, Philadelphia, PA, @Mastawainzz

Dominik DeSade, She/her, QA engineer, Paradox, Holon, Israel, @DominikSade

Domiziana Suprani, she/her, Producer, Studio Evil, Bologna, Italy, @fragile_things

E. Öykü Başerdem, She/Her, Lecturer , Başkent University, Department of Psychology, Turkey/Ankara, @theEthyst

Edie Straight, She/Her, Office Administrator, Third Kind Games, Leamington Spa, UK, N/A

Eleonora Caminiti, She/her, Content Creator e Video Editor,Pokémon Millennium, Milan, Italy, @EleonoraCassie

Eliza Reay-Glover, She/her, Associate, Executive Search, Creative Artists Agency, London, UK, N/A

Elvan Gulec, She/Her, Senior Producer,Gram Games, Istanbul, Turkey, N/A

Emi Bough, She/Her, Freelance 3D Artist,Self Employed, Leamington Spa, uk, @emi_emboo

Emilia Russell, She/her, Lead Community Manager,Blowfish Studios, Sydney, Australia, N/A

Emily Celeste, She/Her, Technical Recruiter,Here’s Waldo Recruiting, Arkansas, USA, N/A

Emily McHarg, she/her, Content & Creator Partnerships Specialist, Blend Media, London, UK, N/A

Emma Duncan, She/They, Student, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, @medrarecookie

Eva Sturlese, she /her, Deputy Director | Localization Specialist,Vigamus, La Spezia, Italy, N/A

Farah Badah, She / her , Associate product manager ,Tamatem Inc , Germany , N/A

Feiyang Chen, She, her, hers, Publishing Strategy Intern,Riot Games, Shanghai, China, N/A

Florencia Guarracino, She- Her, Talent Acquisition Partner,Behaviour UK North, York, uk, n-a

Fran Solo, she/her, Senior Front-End Developer,Stornaway.io, Bristol, UK, @frontendfran

Gabriel Eriksson Sahlin, He/Him, Talent Acquisition and Diversity Manager,Kinda Brave, Stockholm, Sweden, Babblinggoat

Gabriella Persson, Her/She, Global Gaming Manager,SPORTFIVE, Hamburg, Germany, N/A

Galyna Iefremova, she, CEO & Founder,SUITSME, Lisbon, Portugal, n/a

Georgie Terry, She/Her, Operations Support Coordinator,Flix Interactive, Birmingham, UK, N/A

Gianna DiMatteo, she/they , 3D Digital Artist ,N/A, Pennsylvania, USA, @genie_fbx

Gina Cruz Rivera, she/her, Game Data Analyst,Amazon Games, Los Angeles, CA, usa, @smolboricua

Hadia Aziz, Ha die ah, Marketing Executive , FunFits Pvt Ltd , Pakistan/Lahore, N/A

Hannah Wilkerson, she/her, Benefits Administrator, Keywords Studios, Riverside, CA, USA, N/A

Heather Deacon, She/Her, Client Services Director,Waste Creative, London, UK, @featherdheather

Hollie Jones, She/her, Community Manager, Rebellion, London, UK, @holliewoodjays

Isabella Schiavoni, She/Her, Asset Management Project Manager,Keywords Studios, Rome, Italy, N/A

Isabella Disu, They/Them, CEO,Safespacegh, Accra,Ghana, @Akor_pha

Jacky Collins, She/her, Business Development Manager, Infernozilla, Dallas, Texas, USA, N/A

Jaqueline Bianco, she/her, Business Analyst, Freelancer, Helsingborg, Sweden, N/A

Jen Flannery, She/Her, Junior Talent Acquisition Executive,Kwalee, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK, N/A

Jenna Hanlon, She/her/hers, Strategic Partnership Manager, Netflix Games, New York, New York, usa, NA

Jessie Gagnon (formerly Hough), She / Her , Program Director: Game Production Management, Game Business & Publishing ,Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont, @MissMechaZero

Judy Lascano, She/Her, Video Game Recruiter,TLM Partners LLC, Fayette County, Georgia , N/A

Karen Kinsella, She/Her, Studio Operations Manager ,Keywords Studios, Dublin, Irlanda, N/A

Katarina Hunt, She/Her, Senior Producer,Epic Games, Seattle, WA, USA, @bellafelis

Kelly Liang, She/Her, Illustration Animation Student/Graduate,N/A,

Kingston, Surrey, UK, @kellythekraken

Kelly Fields, She/her, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition and DEI,Microsoft, Los Angeles, CA, usa, N/A

Kerry Saltvick, She/her, Producer / Project Manager,N/A, Seattle, WA, @KerrySaltvick

Kim Kane, She/Her, QA Tester,Rockstar Games, Lincoln, UK, @khimleesi

Kimberley Åhage, She/Her, Brand Engagement Community Specialist, Nordisk Interactive, Stockholm, Sweden, @KimAhage

Kiran Thakkar, She / Her, Game Designer,CD Projekt Red, Warsaw, Poland, N/A

Krista Strucke, She/her, Software Engineer, Food Oasis/PeerDesk, Burbank, CA, USA, N/A

Laura Menendez, she, Talent Acquisition Specialist,Keywords, Spain, N/A

Lauren Steidl, she / her, Co-Founder & Co-CEO,Integrated Reality Labs, Portland, ME, USA, N/A

Layla Amir-Soleymani, She/Her, Head of PR & Communications ,Newzoo, Madrid, Spain, N/A

Lili Zang, Miss, Investment Specialist,NetEase, London, UK, N/A

Liz Corless, She / Her, Global Head of Marketing, Keywords Studios, London, uk, N/A

Lizaveta Yarmolchyk, she/her, IM Strategist, Zorka.Agency, Lithuania/Vilnius, @LizYarmolchyk

Ljubica Garić, She/her, Senior Recruiter, 8bit, Serbia/Belgrade, N/A

Lorena Gjana, She, CEO, BEEZ Studio, Tirana, Albania, @Lorena_BABlodie

Lottie Maddison, she/her, Manager, Creator Partnerships , Laundry Service , London, UK , @lottiescarlett

Loukia Kyriakidou, She/Her, Art Director & Character Designer,Lucy Does Art Ltd , Norwich, UK, @lucydoesarts

Luna Fierens, She/Her, Program Coordinator Independent Game Production,Howest, Kortrijk, Belguim, N/A

Ma. Franchesca Silva, She/Her, 3D Generalist and Instructor, Bardel Entertainment, Vancouver, Canada, N/A

Madison Edgar, She / Her, Global Events, Activision Blizzard, Los Angeles, USA, NA

Mae Hunter, She/Her, Principal Account Developer – Recruitment Consultant, develop, London/Nottingham, UK, @developrec

Manuela Spíndola, She/her/hers, Game Producer, Kokku, Recife, Pernambuco – Brazil, N/A

Marah Al-Sadoon, , Game Developer,BGL, Baghdad, Iraq, N/A

Margaret Tran, She/Her, 2D/3D Designer,AppLovin, Orange County, CA USA, N/A

Maria Paula Rueda, She/Her, Multimedia Engineer, Battle Road Digital, Bogotá, COL, N/A

Mario Alvise Di Bernardo, he/him, Unity Programmer, Studio Evil, Bologna, Italy, @madiber

Marta Todorczuk, She/Her, Growth Marketing Manager,8Bit: Games Industry Recruitment, Warsaw, Poland, N/A

Marta Leydy-Odrzywolska, she/her, concept artist, CD Projekt Red, Warsaw, Poland, N/A

Mashael Abualnaja, She/Her, Sr. Learning and Development Specialist – HR,Savvy Games Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, @pikamesho

Mason Wood, He/Him/His, QA Tester/Freelancer,Freelance, Raleigh, NC, N/A

Megan Humphreys, She/her, Unity Developer, Renderheads, Pretoria, South Africa, @MeganHum

Melica Moshiri, Melica, Founder & CEO, SkillTorch, Brighton, UK, N/a
Melis Çakır, She/Her, Community Manager, Gameflex / Roblox, Istanbul,Turkey, N/A

Melissa Thom, She/Her, Voice Actor, Founder & CEO,BRAVA (Bristol Academy of Voice Acting) , Bristol, UK, @melissath

Natasha Cheng, She/Her, Online Community and Social Media Manager,Square Enix, London, UK, @Tashtrologian

Naz Kılıç, She/her, Marketing Manager, Dots.eco, Mugla/ Turkey, N/A

Neha Chobitkar, She/Her, Senior HR Manager – Staffing & Production HR Business Partner,Ubisoft India Studios, Pune, Maharashtra, @nehachobitkar

Nicola Kwan, She / Her, Business Development Manager, Humble Games, Orange County, CA, USA, N/A

Nicole Harrison, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Partner,NaturalMotion, Brighton, UK, NA

Nikita Lord, She/Her, Graduate Partnership Manager,Aardvark Swift , Rotherham, UK, @NikitaLord1

Nilüfer Erdur-Higashihara, She/her, English Language Teacher,GoStudent, Turkey, @Nilufer_Er

Nissie Arcega, She/they, Community Lead,Indie Games Group Philippines, Quezon City, Manila, N/A

Noobtoons Yenca, She/Her, Gaming Content Creator & Software Engineer, Self Employed, London, UK, @noobtoonsTv

Olga Sheverieva, She/her, Business Development Manager, Solsten, Seattle, WA, USA, N/A

Pallavi Hansa,

Pauline Gepilano, she/her, Associate Producer, Astra Fund, Philadelphia, USA, @paulinewtf

Qin Yu, She/Her, Dialogue Designer, Dambuster Studios, Nottingham, UK, @QuinySound

Rachel Mesler, She/Her, User Experience Designer, Mighty Kingdom, Adelaide, Australia, @RachelMesler

Roman Povzyk, He, Product Analyst, Bini Games, Poltava, Ukraine, @romanpovzyk

Rose Horton, she/her, Talent Acquisition Manager, Dambuster Studios, Nottingham, UK, N/A

Rushka Samuels, She/Her, Gaming Content Creator, RushkaGG, Cape Town, South Africa, https://twitter.com/rushkagg

Salma Sulthana Shaik, She/Her, Senior Software Engineer – Unity, Pole To Win International – India, Hyderabad, India, N/A

Saman Malik, She/ Her, Senior Game Designer, Freelancer , Lahore, Pakistan, N/A

Samantha Cabitac, She/Her, Product Marketing Manager, Hyper Hippo Entertainment, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, @UnknownSamee

Sandra Bloy, she/her, Marketing Manager, MYI Entertainment Deutschland GmbH, Munich, Germany, @babyvxrgo

Sarah Nolan, she/they, QA Analyst, Lucid Games Ltd., Liverpool, UK, @SARNOLWS

Serena Boscolo, She/Her, Senior Office Assistant, Keywords Studios Italy, Milan, Italy, @SerenaBoscolo22

Shailja Mittal, She/Her, Growth Marketing, UA Manager, Zynga, Bengaluru, India, N/A

Shuo An, An, HR, Virtuos Holdings Pte. Ltd., Xi’an, China, N/A

Simge TULU, Simge, Global COO, NBS HR Consultancy, Dubai and Turkiye , N/A

Sinead Hosey, she/her, Co-Founder, Epic Global Agency, Ireland, na

Sonia Surdulescu, She/Her, Intern; Student, Charlotte Immigration Law Firm; Davidson Day School, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, N/A

Stephanie Orchard, She/Her, Principal Consultant, Lab8 Recruitment, Brighton Area, UK, N/A

Suze Bartlett Howard, She/Her, Talent Acquisition & Retention Lead, Netspeak Games, London, UK, N/A

Svetlana Lisik, She/Her, Producer, Bossa Studios, Brighton, UK, N/A

Taylor Duncan, She/Her/Hers, Talent Sourcing Specialist, Here’s Waldo Recruiting, Chicago, Illinois, USA, N/A

Valeria Colombo, She/Her, Co-founder and Board Member, Women in Games Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, @ValeZumZum

Vrinda Singh, She/They, UX Designer, -, New Delhi, India, N/A

Weronika Furtak, she/her, CEO/Senior QA Engineer, Bugstruck, Cracow, Poland, N/A

Yael Takomi, She / Her, Product – Monetization, Ex- Meta, Ex- Playtika, currently Israel, N/A

Yelyzaveta Popova, She/her, Art Lead, Genesis (Holy Water), San Francisco, N/A

Yi Ting Ho, She, Chief Operating Officer, Cost Center, Singapore, N/A

Yiota Bouboureka, Ms, CEO, Founder, Conclify, London, UK, N/A

Zoe Howard, She/Her, Quality Assurance Engineer, Turn Me Up Games, Los Angeles, USA, NA