Meet our newest Ambassadors

The Women in Games ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords’  welcomes a flurry of new Ambassadors. Thanks to Keywords we are now able to enhance impacts and accelerate change by supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials, and services for Women in Games Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are absolutely vital to the work we do in achieving gender equality – everyone is welcome to join as an ambassador, as long as you are aligned with our mission to establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries. And that you will work to champion and support people to understand the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter what stage of their career or life journey.

If you would like to apply you can do so here: https://www.womeningames.org/ambassadors/how_to_apply



Adriana Pucciano, She/Her/They, Advanced Animator, Rocksteady Ltd., London, UK, @puccarts

Akshara Nagendra, She/her, MBA Candidate, USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, CA, USA, N/A

Alejandra Meza, she/her, Head of Coordination,Women in Gamex, México City, México , @AlemezaAlvarado

Alex Severino, he/him, Product Owner, Kwalee, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, N/A

Alexia Stramrood, She/her,  Producer , Self-employed video game industry consultant, Cape Town, South Africa, N/A

Aline de Souza Rocha, she/her, UX Designer,Freelance , Florianópolis, Brazil, N/A

Amy Moore, She/Her, Senior Marketing Manager, develop, London, UK, n/a

Ana Popescu, She/Her, Visual Arts Lecturer & Freelance Concept Artist, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Breda, the Netherlands, N/A

Andreza Roch, She/her, Account Manager,Kokku Games, Recife, Brazil, N/A

Ankitaa Bhatt N , Ankitaa , Senior Recruiter ,Virtuos , Singapore, @ankitaa_n

Anna Lisina, She\her, CMO,Sirin Interactive LTD , Paris, France, N/A

Anna Frangogianni, she/her, Account Executive, AWS, Madrid, Spain, N/A

Annie Kuxa, She/Her, Game Development Tester,Ubisoft, Halifax, NS, Canada, N/A

Ariana Arguedas Bermudez , She/her , Language Lead ,Lionbridge , Costa Rica, Heredia, San Miguel , N/A

Ashmita Krishna Sharma, She/Her, Founder /DEI expert,Sparkling Gems, Zoetermeer, Netherlands , @AshmitaKrishna

Aven Jones, She/her, Medical Illustrator and Learning Experience Design Specialist, The American College of Chest Physicians, Chicago, United States, N/a

Azul Bassi, she/her, Video Game Localizer,N/A (Freelance), Argentina, N/A

Bethany Todd , She/Her, Head Of Sales – Data and Technology,Kaplan, Durham, UK , N/A

Cailyn Talamonti, she/her, UI Artist ,n/a, Illinois, USA\, @CailynTalamonti

Caitlin Veal, She/Her, PhD Researcher and GTA ,York St John University, York, @caitlin_veal

Camila Alarcon Bidinost, She/Her, Software Engineer, The Multiplayer Group, Cordoba, Argentina, @CamiAlarconB

Camille Faivre d’Arcier, She/Her, Localization Project Manager,CCP Games, Iceland, N/A

Carly Teasdale, She/her, Quality Assurance Tester, Rec Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, @carlsbarls_wp

Caroline D’Elly, she/her, Lifecycle Marketing Coordinator,Mistplay, Montreal, QB, Canada, N/A

Caroline Watson, she/her, Senior Social Media & Content Manager,Firesprite, Liverpool, @strangersuntil

Chelsea Milburn, She/Her, Communications Manager, Independent, San Diego, US, @chelstroyer

Chriss Vasquez, She/Her, Regional Organizer ,Global Game Jam, Puerto Montt, Chile, N/A

Cori Rose, She/Her, Operations Assistant, SEGA HARDlight, Leamington Spa, UK, N/A

Corinne Kimball, She/Her, Marketing Consultant, Program Manager,The Channel Company, Seattle, WA, USA, N/A

Cristina Ruiz, She / her, Marketing Artist, FuturLab, Liverpool, UK, @Neryko_Art

Dana Avilés, Hernández, Player Support Agent, Keywords Studios, Mexico City, Mexico, @FireheartRaider

Dana van der Wal, She/her, Game Design Instructor, Breda University of Applied Science, Breda, Netherlands, N/A

Dasha Velasquez, She/Her, Head of Operations,PlusMusic, Los Angeles, USA, N/A

Diana Grodik, Yurevna, Business Development Manager, Hitapps, Turkey, Istanbul, N/A

Diego Orenstein, He/him, Senior Attorney, Peck Advogados, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, N/A

Ekaterina Dolgova, She/her, Co-Founder & COO,Redhill Games , Nicosia, Cyprus, @KatyaDolgova2

Elif Ceren Gürşün, She/Her, Content Creator & Digital Marketing Specialist, Wodo , Turkey, Eskişehir, N/A

Elizabeth Boss, She/Her, Training & Records Supervisor,Tsunami Tsolutions, Hartford County, CT, USA, @GeekEKittenGaming

Ellis Celia, She/Her, Esports Tutor, Activate Learning, Surrey, UK, @ellibear_

Ema Adams, She/Her, Recruiter, Corporate Functions, Activision Blizzard, Minneapolis, MN, USA, N/A

Emily Eitches, she/her, Vice President, Growth, House of Blueberry, New York, USA, @EitchesEmily

Erin McIntyre, She/Her, QA Manager,Open to New Opportunities, Edmonton, AB, Canada, N/A

Eva Tucker, She / Her, Discord Community Manager, Flow Lobby, Hagerstown, Maryland, United States, N/A

Eva Piatrushina, She / her, Game Systems Designer / Design Owner, Wargaming, Vilnius, Lithuania, @piatrushinae

Ezgi Dogan, She/Her, Ad Monetization Consultant/Lead, Freelance , Berlin, Germany, N/A

Fatma Betül Güreş, she/her, Doctoral Assistant, EPFL-ETH Zürich Joint Doctoral Program , Lausanne, Switzerland, N/A

Fern Griffiths, She/Her, Junior Level Designer, Ubisoft Leamington, Leamington Spa, @fable_and_fern

Filip Jansson, He/him, Partnership Coordinator, Wehype, Stockholm, Sweden, N/A

Frances McNally, She/Her, Headhunter, Write Finder, Stirling, Scotland, N/A

Grace Pyron, She/Her, Narrative Designer, Woak Woak Studios, Annecy, France, N/A

Gracie Smith, She/Her, Marketing Executive, Games Jobs Direct, Rotherham, UK , N/A

Greg Posner, He/Him, Partner Engineer, Keywords Studios, New Jersey, USA, N/A

Gwen Krawczyk, She / Her, Divisional Wellness Unit Manager,RCMP, Alberta, Canada, N/A

Hande Özkur, she/her, Producer, Paradox Interactive, Stockholm, Sweden, @in/handeozkur/

Hannah Wilson, she/her, HR Director,Expression Games , Surrey, UK, N/A

Harriet Frayling, She/Her, Project Lead,Many Cats Studios, Loughborough, @wonderpusgospel

Helen Chamberlain, She/they, Games Art Student, Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, Nottingham, N/A

Holly Savin, She/Her, Software Engineer, Blueprint Gaming, United Kingdom, @holiwhirl

Holly Steventon, She/Her, Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK, N/A

I-Lun Chung, She/her, Director, Sales,Prodege, LLC, Berlin, Germany, N/A

Isabella Madrid Malo, She/her, Content Manager, Dots.eco, Rome, Italy, N/A

Jahnavi Gupta, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Business Partner,Kwalee, Bangalore, India, NA

James Deane, He / Him, Recruitment Coordinator, FuturLab Ltd, Northampton, N/A

Jane Forsyth, she/her, Head of Production,RealtimeUK, Sheffield, @janeforsythhop

Janet Weddle, she/her, Technical QA Manager,Keywords Studios, Seattle, WA, N/A

Jasmine Kurniawan, She/Her, 3D Modeller, Brandoville Studios, Jakarta, Indonesia, N/A

Jasmine Ang, She/Her, Sr Gaming Recruiter,Randstad, United States, N/A

Jem Patel, she/her, Software Engineer,Unity Technologies, Leamington Spa, @jemalarr

Jenn Uche, she/her, IT Student Service Assistant at UChicago,University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, N/A

Jenny McBean, She/ her, Insight Director,Bryter, London, UK, @jenny_mcb

Jessica Galvin, She/Her, Principal Recruiter,Studiotypes, Denby Dale, West Yorkshire, N/A

Jessica Kilbane, she/her, Communications Manger, Riot Games, Mumbai, India, @jessicakilbane

Jodie Crawford , She/her, Head of People, Improbable / The Multiplayer Group, Nottingham, UK, Na

Johanna-Lovisa Vannebäck, She/Her, Student,Futuregames, Skellefteå, Sweden, N/A

Jordan Goettling, She/Her/Hers, Producer II,Riot Games, Los Angeles, CA, @RiotSpookyGary

Jude Ricketts, She/Her/Hers, Serious Games Developer, Founder & Senior Lecturer Games Art ,University of Brighton, Brighton & Hove, @judericketts

Julia Martins, She/Her, Business Development Analyst, Nuuvem, Rio de Janeiro, BR, n/a

Kali Martínez, They/them, QA Tester, Wushu Studios, Lincoln, United Kingdom, N/A

Kate Hovdestad, she/her/hers, Producer,Big Blue Sky Games, Saskatchewan, Canada, @HopefulBullshit

Kateryna Kryshchenko, She/Her, Game Artist,FutureGames, Malmö, Sweden, N/A

Katie McKeon-Smith, She/Her, Social Media Executive ,Dovetail Games, Birmingham, UK, @KJMcSmith94

Kelly McNeil, she/her, Learning Experience Designer,Digital Promise, Lakeland, Florida USA, @eduGamerGal

Khevna Shah, She/They, Lead Technical Designer,Playground Games, Leamington Spa, UK, @brknhrt16

Kit Dunn, she/her, Project Manager,Raidiant, Boston, MA, USA, @resleyGG

Kristina Alfonsi, She/Her, Art Director , Amazon, Seattle, WA, n/a

Lana Oleynik, She/her, Recruiter and Executive Assistant ,Foretold Studios / Tollan Worlds , Prague, Czech Republic , @sun_olly

Lanna Myzina, Ms, Chief Operations Officer, GAMERAM, Cyprus, Paphos, N/A

Lara Brown, she/her, People & Operations Lead, Kythera AI, Edinburgh, Scotland, @_LaraBrown

Lauren Stevens, She/her/they, Narrative Designer ,Splash Damage , Brighton, UK, NA

Lisha Hirst, She/Her, Post Production Coordinator, PitStop Productions, Barnsley, @LishaHirst

Lorena Botelho, She/Her, Partner,PECK Advogados, São Paulo, Brazil, n/a

Lova Ranaivoson, She, They, Associate Producer (to be), IIM Digital School, Paris, France, N/A

Lucy Milner, She / Her, Executive Assistant, Team17 Group plc, Nottingham, UK, NA

Lucy Zini, She/Her, Environment Concept Artist, Compulsion Games, Nottingham, UK, @lucyziniart

Luxsanapohn Kitichantra, She/Her, Game Translator, Freelance, Bangkok, Thailand, N/A

Lydia Cockerham, She/Her, Senior Narrative Designer, Dambuster Studios, London, UK, @lydiacockerham

Madeline Gilbert, she/her, UHEsports Player Support Coordinator, WoUHE Initiative Coordinator, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Hawaii, USA, N/A

Marco Accordi Rickards, He/him, CEO, Vigamus, Rome, Italy, @Metalmark

Mari Yalong, she/her, Product Manager, PerBlue, Rochester, United States, N/A

Maria Lesk, she/her, Localization Director,Daedalic Entertainment GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, @ZombieTwin

Marina Gilić, She/Her, N/A, N/A, Solin, Croatia, @Dramatiqa

Marina Roglic, she/her, Senior ASO Manager,Popcore, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia, n/a

MARINA STOLL, SHE, Project Manager – Games & eSports,Marina Stoll, Brasil, N/A

Martyna Neumann, She/her, Marketing Manager, Avalanche Studios Group, Bydgoszcz, Poland, N/A

Mia Seljubac, She/her, Paralegal, Briton Solicitors, Leicester, n/a

Michele Brookshire, she/her, Senior Technical Recruiter, Amazon, Raleigh, NC, N/A

Milly Gunn, She/her, Course Leader of BA Game Design, University of East London, London, @MillyRoseGunn

Morgane Ruiz, she/her, Game User Researcher, CD Projekt Red, Warsaw, Poland, N/A

Nahir Fajardo, She/they, CEO,Dreams of Heaven Games, Quinta de Tilcoco, Chile, @chin_mizu

Nehir Usta, She/Her/Hers, Head of Global Operations, Zindhu, Istanbul, Turkey, @nehirrusta

Nickie Whitfield, she/her, Operations Manager, Poncle, Surrey, UK, n/a

Nicole Closson, sher/her, Business Development,Keywords Studios, San Jose, CA USA , @nicoleclosson

Nimra Sardar, Female, Game QA and Game Producer and Writer, Canyon Games, Pakistan (Lahore) , N/A

Nina Amjadi, She/Her, CEO,North Kingdom , Stockholm, Sweden, N/A

Niven Batchelor , She/Her, International Talent Partner,Zoi, Germany , N/A

Nolwenn Beauchesne, she/her, N/A,N/A, Strasbourg, France, @oriaas_

Paulina Tomczyk, She/her, Community and Social Media Manager, Robot Gentleman, Warsaw, Poland, @PatoTomczyk

Phoebe Yuen, she/her, Talent Coordinator,NetEase Games, Vancouver, Canada, N/A

Posy Brewer, She/Her, Founder, Creative Director & Voice Actor, SideKick Games Ltd & The VoiceOver Voice Ltd, Guildford & London, UK, @PosyVoiceOvers

Rebecca Wright, She/her, Recruitment Consultant ,Tec Partners, Norwich, N/A

Reet Oberoi, she/her, Associate Game Designer, Gameberry Labs, Bengaluru, India, NA

Robyn Bremner, She/Her , Production Director,The Multiplayer Group, Nottingham, UK, N/A

Rosie Taylor, She/her, Content and Community Manager, Safe In Our World, North Yorkshire, UK, @Rtparty3

Sabrina Meditz, she/her, Sr Director, Product Management, PlayStation, San Juan Capistrano, @Eckitis

Sandra M Rozo, Sandra Rozo, Director, Gamers-on Magazine, Colombia, @sandrarozo/

Sarah Burns, She/Her, Head of Production & Operations, Marvelous Europe, Peterborough, @Kitsunerorlater

Sarah M, she/her, EMEA Community Marketing Manager, Twitch, Scotland, UK, @SariaSlays_

Sarah Lachhman, She/Her, Technical Executive Assistant II, Owlchemy Labs, Austin, TX, USA, @tearxenon

Sarah Wellock, She/They, Social and Community Lead, King, London, @rikkusarah

Seerat Khan, She/Her, Business Development Associate, Unreal Engine, MENAPT (Former), Epic Games, Islamabad, Pakistan, N/A

Shani Owen, she/her, Recruiter, Aardvark Swift, Rotherham, UK, @ShaniAswift22

Shawna Cadence, she her, Producer, Bossem, Plymouth, UK, N/A

Sonia Ordonez, She/Her, UI Artist, Activision , Los Angeles, CA, N/A

Sophia Henning, she/her, Project Manager, NerdStar, Düsseldorf, Germany, @almightyphi

Sophie Seepra, she/her, Head of Art, Epic Industries, London, @seeprart

Sophie Yee Yan Liu, her, Experience Designer, Arup, London, UK; Hong Kong, NA

Stephanie Darrah, she/her, Producer, Playtonic Games, Lichfield, @stephaniedarra4

Sula Chiovenda, she/her, Unity Developer, BigRock, Venezia, Italy, @SulaChiovenda

Tamara Whymark, She/Her, QA Tester,XR Games , Leeds, UK, N/A

Tamara Koljozova, Tamara, Global Business Development Manager, Showheroes Group, Berlin, Germany, N/A

Taos Myers, She/Her, Technical Director – Graphics, Ubisoft, Montreal, Canada, N/A

Taruna Arora, female, Country Manager – People & Culture, Keywords Studios, India, N/A

Tess Nihill, She/her, Sales and Operations Coordinator, ÜberStrategist , Chicago, IL, N/A

Tiffany Herrington, She/Her, Recruitment Manager, Blizzard Entertainment, Colorado, USA, NA

Tonia Yau, She/ Her, Concept Artist & Entertainment Design Educator, Mages Institute, Singapore, N/A

Vaishnavi Palleda, She/Her, Founder & CEO, Vault Productions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India, @vaishnavi0517

Valeria Sarro, She/Her/They, Software Developer, Rootstrap, Montevideo, Uruguay, @valysius

Vanessa Boggio, She/Her, Game Designer, VB Game, Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela, @vane_boggio

Veronika Nelsen, she/her, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Wargaming, Czech Republic, Prague, N/A

Victoria de Aranzeta, she/her, UX Designer,NCX, San Francisco, CA , n/a

Victória Oliveira, She/her, Creative Director, ArtCode Productions, Acton, London, UK , N/A

Yuting Han, Yuting, game student, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark, N/A

Zeynep Balıbek Cihanbeyoğlu, She/Her, UX/UI Designer, Milsoft Software Technologies, Ankara, Turkey, N/A

Zhilin He, She/Her, Recruitment Consultant, Skillsearch, Brighton, UK, N/A